Running as an independent, Running on the issues, Running for you.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the support from local businesses and residents, I appreciate it very much. I think one of the things that people like about me is that I am not running with anyone or against anyone, I am running for people, for ideas, and on the issues.

I am running because I believe that young people need to have a seat at the table when we are talking about actively shaping the future of our city. I want to help them find the support that they need, and to let them know that there is opportunity here, in this community for them to build a great future.

I am running because I believe in our potential to grow and become the vibrant, thriving community that we all know we can be. To take an active role in bringing new businesses here and helping to support the ones we already have. To build on our great culture, recreation, out door living, and expand development of our beautiful Waterfront to make the most out of the natural advantages that we have and for the enjoyment of our residents.

I am running because I believe that first time home buyers should be able to get into the market, build equity, and set up roots in our community. I think that people who come here to work should be able to find apartments that they can afford to live in, so that they can work their way up the ladder to homeownership. I want to see more multi dwelling units being built that will enhance the areas that they are being built in, and zoning for tiny home and eco friendly living projects. I believe we need to take an active role in training and recruiting skilled labour so that our developers can get to work building our city.

I am running because we have an opportunity to embrace a brighter future for Belleville. I am running for change and I am running to make a difference.

Whether you vote online from Oct 9th-19th, at the Wellness Center in the Advanced polls on Oct 13th, or on Election Day Oct 22nd, please make your voice heard and your vote count. Please vote for Tyler Allsopp.

Please like, share, and leave me your comments, and always feel free to reach out.

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